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ABOUT CHRISTIAN BOARDING SCHOOLS FOR TROUBLED TEENS:  These Christian boarding schools help students troubled with emotional or behavioral problems, self-harm, or learning difficulties. Such religious or faith-based boarding schools can also be clinically focused and provide behavior therapy and treatment for adolescents with serious behavioral issues.  Alternately, we can help you in your search for Christian boarding schools, troubled teens boarding schools, boarding schools, residential treatment centers, or  troubled youth ranches. Christian boarding schools found here help troubled teens. these Christian boarding schools are boarding schools based on spiritual principles that offers an educational program together with specialized structure and supervision for students with emotional and behavioral problems, substance abuse problems, self-harm, or learning difficulties. Christian residential treatment centers are more clinically focused and primarily provide behavior therapy and treatment for adolescents with serious mental or psychological issues. “Christian boarding schools” can go by several names, each potentially highlighting different aspects or focuses of the institution. Here are some other names or terms used to describe them: Christian Academy: This emphasizes the educational component of the school and its basis in Christian teaching. Bible School: Often used for institutions that focus more on biblical studies and less on general education subjects. Some might primarily prepare students for ministry or missionary work.Faith-Based Boarding School: This term emphasizes the religious foundation of the school. “Faith-based” can be used to describe institutions from various religious backgrounds, not just Christian. Religious Boarding School: A broader term that indicates the school integrates religion into its curriculum and daily life. It can refer to schools from any religious tradition. Christian Residential School: This term focuses on the residential aspect, suggesting that students live on campus as opposed to attending day classes. Parochial Boarding School: “Parochial” is often used to describe schools run by a particular parish or religious denomination, typically Catholic. Christian Therapeutic Boarding School: These institutions not only provide academic education but also therapeutic support for students dealing with emotional, behavioral, or psychological challenges. The therapies are typically rooted in Christian beliefs. Christian Reform School: While the term “reform school” has a somewhat dated and negative connotation, some schools may still use it to indicate a focus on helping troubled teens. They aim to “reform” or redirect negative behaviors in a Christian setting. Missionary Boarding School: Schools that primarily prepare students for missionary work or that cater to the children of missionary families. Church School: Some boarding schools are directly affiliated with and run by specific churches or denominations. Discipleship School: Emphasizing spiritual formation and deepening one’s relationship with God, these schools often incorporate robust spiritual development programs alongside traditional academic curricula. Each of these names might denote specific elements of the school’s focus, governance, or affiliation. When evaluating a Christian boarding school, it’s essential to look beyond just the name and understand the school’s philosophy, curriculum, and objectives.

Best Christian Boarding Schools – A Listing of Religious and Faith-based Therapeutic Christian Schools for Troubled Teenagers.