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ABOUT CHRISTIAN BOARDING SCHOOLS WITHER THERAPY:  These Christian boarding schools help students troubled with emotional or behavioral problems, self-harm, or learning difficulties. Such religious or faith-based boarding schools can also be clinically focused and provide behavior therapy and treatment for adolescents with serious behavioral issues.  Alternately, we can help you in your search for troubled teen schools, ranch for troubled teens near me, ranch-based school, Christian boarding schools, or  boarding schools. Christian boarding schools found here help troubled teens. these Christian boarding schools are boarding schools based on spiritual principles that offers an educational program together with specialized structure and supervision for students with emotional and behavioral problems, substance abuse problems, self-harm, or learning difficulties. Christian residential treatment centers are more clinically focused and primarily provide behavior therapy and treatment for adolescents with serious mental or psychological issues. The focus of a therapeutic Christian boarding school is toward emotional, relational and academic recovery.

Best Christian boarding schools – A Listing of Religious and Faith-based Therapeutic Schools for Troubled Teenagers.